The bilingual problem revisited

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What seems obvious is not that obvious. The term „bilingualism” is now used quite freely, but do we know what bilingualism really is? Who is a bilingual? When do you become bilingual? Who is a monolingual, and do these people actually exist? A bit of theory supported by the authors who turned my thinking upside down: starting with Bloomfield, to Chomsky and Macnamara, to Grosjean. And a bit of disillusionment to boot ;)

Each time I read the classic works of some distinguished linguists, I am amazed to realize that they presented their concepts with such serene confidence. What amazes me even more is that what followed the presentation of those very concepts was humble acceptance. No doubts expressed and no questions asked: „on what grounds exactly did you draw your conclusions?” This polite inquiry is now the most obvious question to ask someone who presents their viewpoint, be it on linguistics or anything else. Today’s academia have seen and heard it all, so don’t kid yourself that you could advocate your theory with the idealistic „I just believe it to be true”. That would only give the audience a roll on the floor. Przeczytaj Całość »